Waste Oil and Environment: European Experience

Lube oil purification system The article analyzes waste lubricants statistic in European countries (waste lube collection, reclamation and combustion). There has been a significant progress in the last decades in managing waste lube oil, but it is still not enough to fully address the environmental issues. GlobeCore developed a unique technology of waste oil reclamation, implemented in CMM-R plants.  It brings the technical characteristics of the purified oil to the level of fresh oil by removing  hazardous compounds. European Union has a stringent legislation regarding collection and recycling of used lubricants, giving the priority of regeneration over incineration.  European population has a level of awareness.  The proportion of collected oil is increasing annually.  In particular, the UK collects up to 86% of waste oil, and Italy collects 74% of waste oil. In total, the EU annually collects about 1.8 million tons of waste lubricating materials. When choosing between the reclamation and incineration, one must  consider an economic criteria in addition the environmental criteria.  To set up a waste oil regeneration line – it is necessary to allocate a capital investment to purchase a   corresponding facility. Legislative framework and support from the state promotes a recovery of used oil. It includes a set of measures ranging from tax releases on reclaimed products to direct subsidies. EU policy in some countries helps to recover 50% of  collected waste lubricants. Scientific organizations conduct researches on a development of new, more cost-efficient and safe recovery techniques.  GlobeCore design department  developed a unique technology of waste oil reclamation, implemented in  CMM-R plants.  It brings technical characteristics of  purified oil to its original level by removing environmentally hazardous compounds.  A purification degree is achieved by using a natural sorbent called Fuller’s Earth. The properties of Fuller’s earth are reactivated directly in the device.  This allows, firstly, to save the sorbent and avoiding the problem of its disposal for a long time.  And secondly, to save the oil itself (the used sorbent absorbs up to 10% of the processed product).
lube oil purification system

Lube oil purification system

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