What to Do with Used Oil?

Used Oil

Vehicle owners, who do not use the services of specialized centers, sooner or later face the problem of used oil disposal.  Perhaps we should start with a definition.  Used oils include lubricants for car engines, as well as brake fluids, coolants, transmission fluids, metalworking fluids and oils, and other less common materials.  Transformer and turbine oils are not mentioned here, as they are used in industrial plants and power stations, and an ordinary car owner deals with them rarely if ever.

To select the right method of disposal, some basic knowledge is required as to what types of impurities are contained in petroleum product (physical or chemical).  Physical contaminants are metal shavings, dust, dirt, etc. while solvents, halogens and mineralized water are considered chemical pollutants.

Some vehicle owners do not resort to recycling of waste oil as a matter of principle, believing that this product can be re-sold to them under the guise of fresh oil.  In fact, reuse of waste oil for its intended purpose is possible, but only after oil reclaiming process, i.e. full restoration of its operational properties and parameters.

Also, waste motor oil can be used as recycled fuel oil.  If this oil is used as fuel, it is capable of releasing around 40 MJ of energy at burning.

The issue of waste oil storage should be also approached very carefully, using only special tanks and containers.  It is also desirable to conduct their marking, indicating the grade of stored oil and its volume.


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