Working Visit to Kyrgyzstan

7-10 December 2015 GlobeCore representatives were on a business trip in Kyrgyzstan. They visited Bishkek and Osh cities – presenting the equipment for purification and regeneration of transformer oil, as well as transformer maintenance. Traditionally, the presentation consisted of two parts. At the beginning the participants were familiarized with GlobeCore equipment in  oil regeneration. In the second part –  a laboratory  UVR unit  purified the submitted samples  of transformer oil. Special attention was paid to this promising technology in  regeneration of insulating oil and improving operation of transformers. GlobeCore designed and developed CMM-R unit to achieve the following targets:
  • protect hard insulation of  transformers;
  • process oil directly in an operating  transformer, not switching it offline;
  • reduce operating costs (a single operator is enough to control the process);
  • reduce expenses for disposal of waste and purchase of new oil;
  • increase dielectric strength of oil.
The CMM-R unit uses Fuller’s earth – a natural sorbent, which is restored (reactivated) directly in the unit. Thus, oil regeneration process is not interrupted for replacement of sorbent. Theoretical service life of Fuller’s earth lasts three hundred reactivations, which makes up two or three years of operation. Besides UVB unit, GlobeCore presented and discussed other equipment:
  • CMM degassing unit;
  • Mojave Heat Hot Air Drying unit;
  • CMM oil purification unit, and others.


Table 1 shows results of processing transformer oil through a laboratory UVR model Table 1

The results of physico-chemical analysis of transformer oil before and after regeneration in a laboratory UVR model.




Rated Values Oil Analysis Results
for clean dry oil for used oil before regeneration after regeneration
1 Dielectric strength not less,r 15-35 kV 30 25 10 40
2 Effect of the aqueous extract neutral 0,03 0,077 neutral
3 Acid number, mg KOH/g 0,05 0,25 0,26 0,01
4 Flash point, ºС 135 135 153 150
5 Color light-yellow yellow dark-yellow uncolored
6 Mechanical impurities absent absent absent
7 Moisture content, g/t absent absent 106,7 11,4
The laboratory established the processed oil  to be operational and acceptable for further use (in accordance with the norms of Kyrgyz Republic). It should be reminded that the results were obtained on the laboratory equipment with limited capacities. When using commercial units, the parameters of processed oil can be improved even  more. GlobeCore  thanks its  Kyrgyz counterparts for help in organizing presentations and  interest shown towards many products.

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